Image of Soul Love

Soul Love

by Eileen Anglin


Eileen Anglin
16 x 20 Oil on canvas

This is an original oil painting I created to celebrate Love in all it's forms. This painting also speaks to me of platonic love of friends, of soul mates, and of family.

I feel this piece's image and message comes from a wiser, more loving place, you will feel the energy of that loving acceptance too. In your home, in your office or wherever you choose to bring "Soul Love" into your life. A perfect gift for your loved one, a marriage or just to say "I love you" to your partner.

The Story Behind The Painting:

I was inspired while listening to David Bowie's song "Soul Love."

The David Bowie song "Soul Love" came on and it took me into that meditative trance that I can only describe as a download where a completed painting comes into my minds eye. I always know this has been sent to me from the Higher Realms.

It's available in print, invitations and note cards too.

Soul Love
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